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What is it like to work with Attorney Joe Anderson and the legal team at Anderson Law Firm? Our clients in Round Rock, TX and the surrounding area know that it’s a little like working with a good family doctor. We’re always ready to respond when a problem arises, but we also offer good, solid, preventative legal care. Why face some costly, stressful issue in the future when you can get great advice on your estate, business, or real estate concerns right now?

We will never blind side you!

You won’t have to worry about unexpected bills when you work with Anderson Law Firm. We don’t bill you for just anything, and most legal work is quite affordable. Our clients feel totally comfortable calling us for advice. Some of our client’s questions can be handled right over the phone, free of charge. If your problem does require more significant work we will explain exactly how to proceed—and we will always provide you with an estimate and fee agreement before we proceed with any billable work.

Here are just a few of the ways that we can help you:

  • We can help guide you through the probate process as well as alternative methods for the proper transfer of property following the death of a loved one.
  • Help you understand the unique nature of Texas Will and Trust law so that you can make the right choices for your family and your future.
  • Prepare you a personalized power of attorney so that your family and friends have the tools they need to protect you if you become incapacitated.
  • Set up your business the right way, so you can enjoy the full legal protection that comes from working within the proper business structure and in full compliance with Texas law.
  • Put together non-disclosure, non-solicitation, non-compete and other agreements which support and protect your business future.
  • Negotiate and create contracts that protect your interests and avoid the tricks and traps that can be buried inside a contract drafted by someone else.
  • Work with title companies to complete closings on the sale of residential or commercial properties.
  • Shield your residential and commercial real estate interests from legal threats.

Don’t face these issues without the guidance of an experienced legal team!

How the Anderson Law Firm is Different.

We help you build your life. We also meet you right where you are, in the life you’re currently living. That’s why we give every case the kind of focused, personal attention that you’ll never receive from those “big box” law firms. We also keep our appointment availability flexible enough to keep up with your busy, hectic lifestyle.

You’ve also got nothing to lose by sitting down and having a chat with us. Our initial consultation is free. That’s because we want to be absolutely certain that we understand your unique needs and concerns before we start creating solutions. That way, you’ll only pay for the high-quality, high-value legal services that you need…instead of what someone assumes you need.

Are you ready to get serious about protecting your interests?

Call (512) 201-2966 Today For More Information. Our friendly and helpful staff will be happy to discuss a Free Initial Consultation. Schedule now and protect your rights!

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Understand the value of working with a qualified attorney

The Internet is wonderful, but it is a dangerous place to learn about the law. You may be tempted to believe your problem is “simple” because you’ve read a few legal blogs or web pages. You may even believe that you can fix your legal problem by downloading a couple of forms.

Don’t be deceived! Every state’s law is different and the web pages you are reading can have advice that is totally inapplicable to Texas. In addition, there’s a lot more to the law than filling out forms! Every lawyer must obtain a Doctorate degree in the law and pass an intense three day licensing exam before qualifying to practicing law in Texas. You wouldn’t remove a wisdom tooth after viewing a 3-minute video on YouTube, and you shouldn’t try to practice “DIY Download Law” either. To do so is “penny wise and pound foolish,” as even seemingly small mistakes and omissions can create devastating, costly consequences in the long run. You need real wisdom, real experience, and real legal help to mitigate your business and personal risks.

Enjoy the benefits of local representation.

The legal team at Anderson Law Firm is part of the local community in Round Rock, North Austin, and the surrounding areas. We live here, work here, and play here, just like you do. We’re good neighbors who care about your future, and who just happen to have the tools and know-how that can help you build and secure that future.

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  • Free Initial Consultation
  • Personal Attention On Every Case
  • Simple and Ethical Billing Practices
  • Straight Talk, No Legal Jargon
  • Flexible Appointment Availability

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