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The ancient origins of the name “Anderson” can be traced back from early America to Scotland. For centuries the motto of the Scottish Clan Anderson has been “Stand Sure” accompanied by the symbol of the mighty oak tree. The Anderson Law Firm adopted this ancient motto and symbol as our corporate logo to reflect our established tradition of standing our ground in defending the rights of our clients against the greatest of adversities. Our clients can “Stand Sure” with us and rely on our long-standing, tenacious and unyielding commitment to defending every client’s best interest.


Attorney Joseph B. Anderson

Anderson LawJoe Anderson was born and raised in Lubbock, Texas. He has lived in Glasgow, Scotland; Madrid, Spain; Dallas, TX; San Francisco, CA; and Houston, TX.

With an attorney as a father, Mr. Anderson has been exposed to the practice of law his entire life. As a teenager, he would videotape trial depositions for his dad, take photographs and make videos as evidence for cases, and watch all types of cases progress from beginning to end. Before becoming licensed to practice law in 2007, Mr. Anderson spent years working at his father’s law office in Lubbock.

Practicing law is not Mr. Anderson’s first career. He worked in the Texas motion picture film industry as an assistant camera operator for over five years. During this time he also became a self-taught computer network engineer. Between film projects he would design computer networks for businesses. His work eventually took him to California for several years.

Desiring to set down permanent roots in Texas and raise a family, Mr. Anderson returned to the law and its endless challenges. After completing law school at the University of Houston, he hit the ground running and went straight into private practice, opening the Anderson Law Firm. His background allowed him to avoid languishing as a low-level attorney in the shadows at some big law firm.

Mr. Anderson’s was mentored by some very wise veteran attorneys with decades of experience. He is fond of working on cases involving an overlap of different areas of law requiring unconventional solutions and legal tactics.

When he is not practicing law, Mr. Anderson is with his wife and their three children.

Attorney Gerald L. Anderson
Of Counsel

Anderson LawGerald Anderson was born in Levelland, Texas.

Mr. Anderson grew up with his five siblings working his parent’s cotton farm. He served in the Navy on the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid as an ordinance specialist with duties that included oversight and maintenance of the ship’s nuclear arsenal. After his tour in the Navy, Mr. Anderson attended UT Austin for his undergraduate studies and then law school at the University of Houston.

Mr. Anderson has practiced law in Texas for over 45 years. He worked as a criminal prosecutor for several years before opening his own law practice in Lubbock. For decades he worked primarily as a criminal defense trial attorney. He also has extensive experience with civil litigation, personal injury, family law, probate, guardianship, estate planning, and general civil law. He is one of the leading alcoholic beverage law attorneys in Texas.

In addition to his licenses to practice law in Texas state and federal courts, Mr. Anderson is licensed to appear before the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Gerald Anderson and his son Joe Anderson have worked on numerous cases together. Gerald Anderson is now semi-retired. Although he is not involved in the daily operations of the Anderson Law Firm, Gerald Anderson functions in an advisory capacity. On occasion, Mr. Anderson enjoys joining his son Joe Anderson in court so they can litigate a case together.

Mr. Anderson has another son, Andrew Anderson, who is the brother of Joe Anderson and is also a Texas attorney.