Estate Planning

Estate Planning 2_cmp (1)Estate planning is for everyone regardless of their wealth or age. If you own any property, you have an estate and need the advice of an estate planning attorney.

So what is Estate Planning?

Mention estate planning to most people and they immediately think about Wills and Trusts or Powers of Attorney. That is just a part of estate planning.

When a person passes away their property must be managed and distributed. When a person becomes incapacitated they must be cared for and their property must also be maintained and protected. Estate planning prepares for both of these situations.

An experienced estate planning attorney doesn’t limit themselves to just using Wills and Trusts or Powers of Attorney. Unlike other types of attorneys, an estate planning attorney is skilled at utilizing numerous additional methods and techniques to lay the groundwork for an extremely organized and efficient system to care for you and your loved ones under the worst of circumstances.

Estate planning is an ongoing process. Laws change as do people and their property. If you have performed estate planning in the past you should have your existing estate planning evaluated at least every ten years by an estate planning attorney.

A very common problem is that people buy cheap estate planning forms but are never taught how the forms are used. Also, the seller may not be qualified or experienced enough to assist you during a crisis. When a crisis arises, do you and your loved ones know how to react?

At Anderson Law Firm we are not in the business of selling generic fill-in-the-blank estate planning forms and a false sense of security. We take the time to learn about each client’s unique situation offer then offer our clients professional wisdom from decades of hands-on legal practice.

Failing to perform professional estate planning or properly maintain estate planning can have tragic consequences. It could be the biggest mistake you never know you made.

Anderson Law Firm is a full service estate planning law firm. We do not merely create estate plans but we can see those plans through. Whether it is enforcing a power of attorney, probating a Will, managing a Trust, or taking control of a financial account, we can help.