A common concern of working with an attorney is the fear of receiving unexpected and outrageous legal bills. We never blind side our clients with unexpected legal bills.

Before performing any work for a client, we use available information and our experience with similar matters to give our client’s an estimate of the expected cost of our legal services. This estimate becomes a billing ceiling and we will not perform work above the estimate without first contacting the client to discuss the situation and obtain their approval. There are rare exception to this billing method when we are litigating certain types of trial court cases where it is impossible to determine a reliable estimate.

Deviation from an estimated fee is uncommon and results primarily from significant changes in the client’s circumstances or amount of work requested when the initial estimate was given. We do not nickel and dime our clients by charging for office supplies, copies, faxes, casual short phone calls, or standard postage stamps. Our prices are extremely competitive and we do not bait and switch clients with unrealistic lowball estimates that quickly balloon out of control.

Anderson Law Firm works with a type of retainer known as an “advanced fee.” The client provides us with a retainer before we perform any work. The retainer is placed in a special bank account for the client. As we perform work for the client, fees and costs are deducted from the client’s retainer account. Once we complete a client’s matter or if a client request that we stop work, any unearned portion of the retainer is refunded to the client upon their request.

Legal ethics and honest billing practices are a top priority at Anderson Law Firm. We never compromise our reputation or your trust.