Commercial Liens & Asset Recovery

The attorneys at the Anderson Law Firm have extensive experience with secured transactions. During numerous recoveries of commercial real estate, the Anderson Law Firm has also recovered personal property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. In most cases the Anderson Law Firm has also successfully asserted the priority of our client’s lien over other creditors’ liens.

Secured transactions can be very complicated and the law brutally unforgiving to creditor that makes the slightest mistake in creating, attaching, or perfecting a lien.

Anderson Law Firm attorneys are experienced at drafting and executing promissory notes, security agreements, filing financing statements, and other lien documents. We have worked with exotic statutory liens such as “milk money” liens under the Texas Agriculture Code.

The Anderson Law Firm is familiar with procedures required when a creditor wishes to sell property recovered by lien. We have successfully recovered and sold collateral fro clients without issue, even when challenged by subordinate lien creditors.

Contact the Anderson Law Firm today for consultation with our legal professionals in Round Rock, TX. Lien and asset recovery assistance from our firm can help protect you and your property.